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Preparing for Hurricane Season: Protecting Your Home and Garden

by Pop's Nursery on May 21, 2024

As hurricane season approaches, it's crucial to take steps to protect both your home and garden. Hurricanes can bring heavy rains, strong winds, and flooding, causing significant damage. For our nursery customers, we want to provide you with valuable tips on how to use sandbags effectively to prevent damage and how to take care of your plants during these turbulent times.

Using Sandbags to Prevent Damage

Sandbags are a simple yet effective tool for mitigating flood damage. Here’s how you can use them to safeguard your property:

  1. Preparation is Key: Before a storm hits, gather your supplies. You’ll need sandbags, which can be purchased from hardware stores, and sand to fill them. Some communities also offer free sandbags during hurricane season.

  2. Filling the Sandbags: Fill sandbags about halfway. This makes them easier to stack and ensures they conform better to each other and the ground. Overfilled sandbags are less effective.

  3. Placement of Sandbags:

    • Doorways: Stack sandbags in front of doors and other entry points to
      create a barrier against rising water. Start with a single layer and then build up as needed, overlapping each bag to create a seal.
    • Garage: Lay sandbags along the bottom of your garage door to prevent water from seeping in.
    • Low Areas: Identify areas around your home where water tends to pool and place sandbags in these spots to redirect water flow away from your property.
  4. Maintaining Sandbags: Check the integrity of your sandbag barriers regularly. After the storm, dispose of used sandbags properly, as they can be contaminated with pollutants.

Protecting Your Plants

Your garden is a valuable part of your home, and it’s essential to take steps to protect it from hurricane damage. Here are some tips to help your plants weather the storm:

  1. Move Potted Plants Indoors: Bring potted plants inside to protect them from strong winds and heavy rains. Place them in a garage or a covered porch if possible.

  2. Secure Garden Structures: Ensure that trellises, garden statues, and other

    structures are securely anchored or moved to a safe location to prevent them from becoming projectiles.

  3. Prune Trees and Shrubs: Trim dead or weak branches from trees and shrubs to reduce the risk of breakage. This not only protects the plants but also prevents branches from causing damage to your home.

  4. Mulch and Soil Management: Apply a thick layer of mulch to help retain soil moisture and prevent erosion. After the storm, check for soil displacement and reapply mulch as needed.

  5. Drainage Check: Ensure that your garden has proper drainage to prevent waterlogging. Clear any blocked drains or gutters to allow for proper water flow.

  6. Cover Delicate Plants: Use garden fabric or burlap to cover delicate plants, providing an extra layer of protection against wind and rain.

Final Thoughts

Taking proactive steps to prepare for hurricane season can significantly reduce the potential damage to your home and garden. By using sandbags effectively and taking care of your plants, you can weather the storm with greater peace of mind. At our nursery, we’re here to help you with all your plant care needs, offering advice, supplies, and support to keep your garden thriving no matter the weather.

Stay safe and prepared, and remember, a well-prepared garden is a resilient garden.


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